Friday, April 15, 2016

Startup Fundraising in Latam - Venture Capital Conference

Last March 31st I had the opportunity to speak at the first Venture Capital Conference for the Pacific Alliance, held in Lima Peru. It was an amazing event organized by COFIDE and ALTA El Dorado Emprendimiento with all the main players from the entrepreneurhisp ecosystem in Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Chile. It was amazing to see and get to meet people like Dave McClure, Paul Alhstrom, Piero Ghezzi (Peruvian Minister of Production and Innovation) and Gastón Acurio.

     I was asked by the organizers to talk a little bit about my experience fundraising for Latin American Internet Startups, mainly in my currnent and previous statups: Mi Media Manzana and AdondeVivir. In this presentation I talk about what it means to raise funds from Latam, why is it necesary, the advantages and disadvantages of fundraising and the main differences between raising money in LATAM vs. fundraising for your startup in USA.