Sunday, November 9, 2008

Jobs in Dubai – Review and list of Dubai’s Headhunters and Jobhunting resources

During the past month I’ve been contemplating the possibility to work in Dubai and doing a lot of research on the available sites to look for a job, online recruiting agencies and headhunters. At first sight, it might seem easy, there are several sites and many jobs, but when looking more in depth and start reading blogs and reviews, you’ll probably find something different. Some of this sites are scams, they charge you upfront with the promise to “send your CV” to the right people and the key headhunters in Dubai. You pay and …. Guess what … you’re right, they do nothing afterwards. Some others might actually do what they promise, but you can get the exact same level of service from other free and more recognized sites so… Why pay for something that you can get for free??
After a month of research and having used several job websites, here’s my opinion on them.*

* DISCLAIMER: I’m am not affiliated in any way to any recruiting company, job portal or Headhunter. The thought shared here are just from my personal experience. Any recommendation is based just on my opinion and nothing else.

Job portals in Dubai that I would NOT recommend
This one I tried it myself. After requiring an upfront fee they literally did nothing at all. I kept logging into the website and the same jobs kept appearing over and over, no new jobs were added on a daily basis. Some of the jobpostings seemed fake to me. I didn't get a single answer, not even a general or an automated response, from any of the applications I did.
I signed, but didn’t pay and I kept receiving calls and e-mails for weeks. They offer the same service as the other job portals: “Tailor” your CV to UAE standards (costing more than US$ 250) and sending it to key recruiters and headhunters.
Seems exactly the same as the other two described… haven’t tried it but honestly, I wouldn’t run the risk.

Recommended websites to look for a job in Dubai
Good portal. Nice layout, updated regularly with real job postings. It’s free (as all should be !) and the matching and search systems work pretty well.
We all know Monster right so why comment any further. The only thing I could add is that in this case, Monstergulf doesn’t seem to be the market leader, and therefore not to many job postings as in other countries. Websites like seem to have more traffic, more jobs and
The website is not so well designed. Looks a bit old and has huge scrolls but when talking about the most important thing, it has it: real and regularly updated job postings.

Other Job resources to look for a job in Dubai…

I haven’t tried these ones but some might worth a try… Here’s the list

List of Dubai’s Headhunters: email address and website URL

… And finally my list of Dubai Headhunters/Human Resource Consultants with presence in Dubai. Feel free to post new resources and update the list with your postings.

Headhunters in Dubai

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dubai said...

Excellent list, though I would also like to make a suggestion. A website that's not in your list -

Pedro Neira said...

Another great resource I've just came accross is this one:

This is an "Employment Search Engine" that looks for jobs accross thousands of websites.

Can save you a lot of time.

Thasleem said...

Another great resource I've just came accross is this one:

Lot of new Gulf job vacancies are posting on this website

Can save you a lot of time.

reena said...

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