Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Experteer review: premium subscription service reviewed

During the months of september and october 2008, I was an active user of the premium subscription and this is my honest feedback and review on their services.

DISCLAIMER: I’m not affiliated in any way to any recruiting company, job portal or Headhunter. The thoughts shared here are just from my personal experience. Any recommendation is based just on my opinion and nothing else.

The web / Usability… OK

In general I would have to say that I’m satisfied with the usability of the site. Filling the forms and entering the data of your profile is easy and intuitive. The advanced search criterion and additional filtering capabilities are indeed very cool. The web lets you refine search results by salary, km away from your base city, Country and a scoring system. It does not have as many features and possibilities like, but I would say It’s OK.

Exposure to headhunters… Really?

One of the things they advertise is that Experteer is the place where all headhunters in Europe come to look for candidates… Well, this might be true or not, but the only thing I can tell you is what happened to my profile: It was viewed 1 (yes, one) time by a headhunter during the 2 months of I was subscribed to their service. Just to clarify, I had 100% of my profile completed (so there was no excuse to exclude me or down-rank me because my profile was incomplete). If there is something they need to work on, I would say is this point: they need to get more recruiters/headhunters to use their service.

Access to “hidden” offers…NO

One important thing is that they do not have access (at least in my experience) to exclusive or offline job opportunities; in other words, everything you will be able to find on Experteer is already online. This is an important clarification because many specialized headhunters, and more specifically in the 60.000€+ job market, do have positions that are either exclusive for them or are not being advertised.

Access to real 60.000€+ job offers?... YES

This is indeed one of the few but important positive things I got out of their service: They do have a broad, updated and real base of job offers offering salaries 60.000€+; not like other online recruiters (see my post on Jobs in Dubai: Review and list of Dubai’s Headhunters and Jobhunting resources). Of course you will find eventually some broken links or offers that appear in search results, but have expired, but I would say this happened in a small percentage of time. A rough estimation would be that 90%-95% of the offers that appear on their search results are real, haven’t expired and are indeed 60.000€+ positions

As a conclusion, I would say that if you have a lot of time to research (maybe if you’re unemployed), it may not make sense to pay for the premium subscription given that most of what you’ll find you could find it yourself. On the other hand, if you don’t have much time or perhaps are still employed, you might not get exclusive or offers but you can save some time researching… and if you’re earning more than 60.000€ per year, it may worth a try for 25€ a month.

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Micha Roon said...

thank you for your comments. I would like to add that all the salary estimates are set by experteer and not by the employers. this is an important detail as the employer are not bound to give you as much as experteer suggests

Francis & Violet said...

Thank you for this very useful review. You mention that the jobs posted through the premium membership also can be found through other means. What are the most important other sources that post these jobs?

Pedro Neira said...

Dear Francis.
Some of these jobs can also be found on regular jobsites like and the like, but most of them would generally be published mainly on Headhunter's sites or in each company's job board.
In this sense, this is probably where Experteer adds more value. It's not that they have jobs that you can't find anywhere else, it's just that they save you time you'd spend researchning on your own.

KeptMan said...

I just signed up for premium service about a week ago -- I wish I had read your review first. So far, no headhunters have looked at my profile. I also agree that every job on Experteer is available somewhere else -- but I think where to look for the same jobs depends on the country you are targeting.

jan said...

Be careful and avoid the French version of Experteer. Little jobs are on offer and most are old and nothing different from the ones you can find on Monster. Concerning the "Headhunters" most headhunter are from Germany because the experteer platform is better developed in Germany.
Website is nice to use, I like the user interface. But I would avoid spending money on their pro Service because this is definitely not worth the money.