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Headhunters and HR consultants in spain: The definitive list of all Headhunters, Senior Executive Search and Executive Recruitment firms in Spain (Bar

Over the last weeks, I’ve been gathering updated information on all available headhunting and executive search firms available in Spain. This list is focused mainly on Executive Recruitment and Top Level Management, meaning that the list intentionally leaves out many firms dedicated to technical or mid-low level management positions. The list includes: executive search firms in Spain, executive recruiting, headhunting in Spain, headhunters, Top management recruiting , Human Resources consultants in Spain, HR firms in Spain, and cazatalentos (the literal translation of “HeadHunter” in Spanish).

This list of Spanish recruitment companies will be very useful to people abroad trying to find a job in Spain. For each entry, I’ve researched also the way to send them your CV (either if it’s online or by e-mail). This information is detailed on my Excel File you’ll be able to find at the end of this post

This is my excel file. Here you’ll find a the same list of all available Headhunters or Executive Recruitment firms in Spain but each entry with the e-mail address where you’re supposed to send your CV.

Spanish Headhunters: Headhunting and Executive Recruiting in Spain

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